Tips For Buying A Used Car

Whether you are buying a car from us or elsewhere, here are a few useful pointers to help you find your ideal car:

A used car should come with a comprehensive service history, when we are buying cars to stock our site this is the first thing that we look at, it’s amazing the number of cars that are out there with 40,000 to 50,000 miles that have only had one service. The ideal service frequency is a service every 12,000 to 20,000 miles.

You can look at the previous MOT history for the vehicle by checking which details the mileages for all previous MOTs on the vehicle.

Your car should have had a HPI check to ensure that the car has not been an insurance loss, it has no outstanding finance from the previous owner and that it has never been stolen.

Should come with as a minimum a six month warranty to comply with retail law, this should clearly detail what is and isn’t covered, and should be with a reputable third party, if in doubt check them out online. Very often this may also include a complimentary breakdown cover. 

Despite a comprehensive preparation of the car that you buy, they are complicated mechanical/electrical creatures and therefore do go wrong from time to time. This is where a friendly supportive approach from the sales team and a good level of warranty helps to minimise the stress to all concerned should anything go wrong.

Unless you are a very nervous driver always do a test drive of the vehicle. Even if you are nervous it is normally possible to take you somewhere a little quieter where there isn’t as much traffic. Wealways accompany our customers for a test drive for our insurance purposes.

Check that the car is supplied with a locking wheel nut key and that the car brace & jack, spare wheel (where appropriate) or inflator kit and fluid are present.

Should you wish to have a vehicle inspection carried out by a third party this should always be possible, these are available from a number of sources and should never be refused by the retailer unless they have something to hide!

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